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  • Leadership afloat

    I learned that the Pieter Schelte is near completion and planned to arrive in Rotterdam Port by the 10th of januari 2015.
    With its length of 382 meters and impressive width of 124 meters, Pieter Schelte becomes one of the world's biggest ships ever built. The main purpose of the Pieter Schelte will…

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  • Today’s Leadership lacks ‘knowing’

    A few days ago I met someone famous by measurement of media attention, wealth and CV. Books have been written about him and over the years, he collected a number of really well-paid jobs in the spotlight. Since retirement, he involves himself with social entrepreneurship, sustainability and (surprise…

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  • Ben Tiggelaars weekly orgasm

    Ben Tiggelaar (1969) believes he knows everything about leadership. He has written a number of books and writes a weekly column in the Dutch national newspaper (NRC). His topics always deal with the same theme: if you believe it, it is true. Ben has believed this so often that he actually believes…

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  • Lack of leadership leads to premature death

    A few days ago my eye caught an article in the newspaper that was based on a piece of Danish research. Dr Rikke Lund (University of Kopenhagen) researched 9875 men and women aged between 36 and 52 over a period of 11 years and her conclusion is remarkable: the more often you fight with family, friends,…

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