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  • Leadership afloat

    Leadership afloat

    I learned that the Pieter Schelte is near completion and planned to arrive in Rotterdam Port by the 10th of januari 2015.
    With its length of 382 meters and impressive width of 124 meters, Pieter Schelte becomes one of the world's biggest ships ever built. The main purpose of the Pieter Schelte will be to install and remove topsides and jackets of large offshore gas and oil platforms in just one single lift. With its capacity the vessel will be the largest pipelay ship in the world, as well. Pieter Schelte will be able to lift up to 25,000 tonnes of offshore platforms' jackets and up to 48,000 tonnes of topsides. Edward’s idea originated more than 25 years ago and it is amazingly exciting that this idea now becomes reality for us all to witness. I had the pleasure of working with Edward for nearly four years and experienced myself how his life’s work reads like a boyscout romance in which Edward authentically assumes different roles at the same time: scoundrel, hero and victim. No day went by without surprise, anger or disappointment and I recall to memory the most recent upheaval with Mr Sultana of the Royal House of Aragon. A Maltese gentleman with great poker power.
    Certainly, Edward’s Pieter Schelte has been his pet-project for the last many years and he has spent most of his money on completing his dream. A so-called legacy for his father and children but also a tribute to technology, innovation and sustainable entrepreneurship. Obviosuly, Edward is considered both famous and notorious in the offshore world and he may or may not embody the most desired (or required) 21st century leadership skills like e.g. Paul Polman (CEO Unilever), Feike Sybesma (CEO DSM) or Herman Wijffels do. But the truth is: Edward has shown gutsy independence where it concerns the completion of this big floating baby. Remember: when you are as different as Edward is – both envy and admiration will be your due.


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