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    Ssentia Development
    Always on the lookout for the tension between
    Leadership development and Sustainability.
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    Ssentia Development works with these core values:

    Connecting the dots






An unconventional approach

As a leader, you obviously want to surround yourself with people you trust. You expect them to give you advice. You ask and they volunteer. But does this mechanism always work the way it should? To what extent are you prompted to reflect on the right issues and do you feel challenged at the right moment? My approach is unconventional and will do just that. By putting you first, your company will become more sustainable and undoubtedly more successful.

Being successful is a choice

Your mind-set is framed around success. How do you feel when that doesn’t happen? What does the word ‘fail’ mean to you? Are you willing to consider adjusting the course you are sailing? Are you capable of letting go of familiar beliefs or at least discuss their value and applicability under changing circumstances? My way of asking questions will prompt you to reframe your definition of success.

Sustainability pays off

Sustainability seems to be a hype. A container for everything that needs to be different. Being the leader you are, you know of course that this is not true. You know full well that the existence of your company today is no guarantee for its success in the future. The promise of ‘Tomorrow’ is subject to your intuitive sense of what sustainability is about. A resilience to timely adjust with circumstances. It is time to have a dialogue about that.


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