A case explained:
Leadership development is key to creating sustainability

Judith Gunneweg - Ssentia Development

Leadership development is key to creating sustainability

  • Sector: NGO

  • Period: 2012

  • Keywords: Public Private Cooperation

A well – known international NGO is forced to review its sources of financial funding as governments’ support is subject to criticism and expected to be seriously reduced in the near future. They seek alternative avenues for funding and start exploring cooperation with the Private Sector. The key question is ‘how to’? In two workshops (Tanzania and Kenya), a stakeholder dialogue was facilitated with various partners (partners, chamber of commerce, government officials and local reps of the NGO) around the need and desire to reflect on different ways to cooperate. This implied that different frames of reference were exchanged and made explicit. Judgements, prejudices and views about integrity, bureaucracy and corruption were addressed in a non-threatening, role-play manner.

  • Challenge for the future: manage mutuality for solutions and share responsibility for agreed actions

  • This project was supported on a pro-bono basis

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