A case explained:
Financial deficit resolved by stakeholder dialogue

Judith Gunneweg - Ssentia Development

Financial deficit resolved by stakeholder dialogue

  • Sector: Arts

  • Period: 2014

  • Keywords: Dialogue,Brand/Image,Governance

A medium-sized art museum faced a recurring financial deficit. Every annum, around October-time, the chief financial officer would scratch his head how to make ends meet. The situation will get worse in 2015 due to government cost-cutting exercises. After a number of interviews with members of the supervisory Board, it is now clear that there is no unanimity around the purpose of the museum. Somehow, the museum’s internal (financial) focus has diverted the Boards attention away from the visitor. A dialogical approach will be supportive in reframing the museum’s purpose attuned to and in alignment with their “ideal” visitors. It is thus to be expected that an increase in visitors will enable the financial deficit to be resolved in the future.

  • Challenge for the future: quality and composition of governance

  • This project was supported on a pro-bono basis

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