A case explained:
Sustainability by offering new views

Judith Gunneweg - Ssentia Development

Sustainability by offering new views

  • Sector: Health (Care)

  • Period: 2014

  • Keywords: Retention,Ageing,Brand

A well known hospital was facing a serious people-issue of an ageing work-force. They framed their question in terms of personnel costs yet after a few interviews with key stakeholders, it seemed employer’s image that caused a more substantial issue. This impacted diversity in many ways: a 87% female workforce with and average age of 52 except amongst medical specialist which exactly mirrored this picture. At this moment we are investigating how we can encourage the ageing workforce to connect and integrate within by encouraging them to participate in various pro bono projects outside the hospital within the vicinity of the hospital. The approach is intended to create a (external) platform with which employees of all age can reconnect and re-engage with each other. A result will be that the image of the hospital as ‘employer’ will be uplifted in the community outside and consequently attract a more motivated and well-balanced workforce in the future.

  • Challenge for the future: managing generations

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