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Lack of leadership leads to premature death

Judith Gunneweg - Ssentia Development
  • Lack of leadership leads to premature death

    Lack of leadership leads to premature death

    A few days ago my eye caught an article in the newspaper that was based on a piece of Danish research. Dr Rikke Lund (University of Kopenhagen) researched 9875 men and women aged between 36 and 52 over a period of 11 years and her conclusion is remarkable: the more often you fight with family, friends, lovers, neighbours and colleagues, the more often you risk a premature death (http://jech.bmjcom/content/early/2014/04/02/jech-2013-203675). An even more remarkable moment last week was a sad story, the CEO of a financial insurance company shared. His CFO had committed suicide because he had lost his job in one of the latest management reshuffles. Nobody had seen it coming. This story reminded me of other stories during the financial crisis where Managers at the Top see no other escape but this.
    It continues to surprise me that people fail to see the correlation between inner and outer balance and how crucial this balance is for a healthy and happy life. How much more research is required to accept the already established correlation between a mismatch and physical illnesses?
    How much more research is required before Executives operating in the Fast lane realize that their intrinsic mismatch will generate de-humanized organisations without heart and soul? How many more casualties for profit are required before we realize that these casualties were already declared dead long before they physically died? Share your view!


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